Water Drainage System

This system (a proven technique with more than 12 EPF s & CPFs were designed & built and commissioned) in the Eastern Desert.
The basic philosophy of the this technique is the dynamic detection & drainage of the water (which is separated from the oil), and instead of having a fixed retention time (in case of manual drainage), our system is able to detect the separated water and not only that, but it will only drain the water with a high quality (which at the very end will secure a water cut percentage in sales tanks to be less than 0.5% or even better).


Remote monitoring can be coupled with remote flow control applications in intelligent wells, or it can be run as a standalone system. Sensor systems may be electronic or optical based. Sensor systems measure various well parameters such as :Pressure ,Temperature andFlowrate and the primary objectives of well monitoring is to provide surveillance which will Enable production optimization , Improve ultimate recovery and Diagnose well integrity


Using a systematic timing (fixed intervals) of tank fermentation consumes a significant volume of the total storage tank capacity which could be occupied by a well separated water, and this is because a retention time (prior to manual drainage) is usually calculated in the worst case scenario (longest separation time) and this is to make sure that while manual drainage, the operator might not be able to see & judge the PPM content of oil in the drained water.This system is a 100% customization, and could be tailored to accommodate any brown field. Also, this system can be as simple as a field panel which controls the Drainage sequence of water of a single or multiple tanks (knock-out / treating) to a complete automated system (SCADA) which can monitor and control a full scale tank battery, EPF and CPF.


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